Mic only working through 1 channel - help please


Im trying to get my mic to work through 2 channels on cubase studio 4 but for some reason it wont?

Im using an m-audio mobile pre usb and a behringer c-1 mic.

Im also using windows xp.

Ive tried the settings but it doesnt seem to want to work

Could anybody help at all?

Thanks in advance

DJ Ames

You want to record the mic to two channels or you want the mic to playback through two channels?

Record mic to mono channel and make sure pan is centred is I think what you want!

Hello yes sorry i should have been more clearer

I want to record through 2 channels yes.


Obviously a mic is one signal only so is a mono signal. why would you want to record it on two channels?

I think im being mad stupid.

The play is only through 1 channel. How do i get it to play back through both?

Are you recording it to a stereo or mono channel?