Mic playback issue

Hi, guys.

I’ve been using the Cubase LE 5 software with the Lexicon Alpha for a while, now. I just got a new computer that is incredible at handling loads of VSTs that my last one never could, since I record everything direct-in.

However, since I’ve had to reinstall Cubase, here is my issue. Everything works very well, except recording the microphone. The 1/4" jack works well, and records guitar great, etc. It’s just the mic. I have plenty of volume in the monitor, sounds great through headphones, but there isn’t any real volume on playback.

What is my issue, guys?

I was having a similar issue with Cubase AI6 using a MOX6 keyboard A/D input, but my problem was getting a recording signal to the Cubase meter with my mic. Like you, my guitar worked great, but my mic was no joy. That problem was solved by switching from a 1/4 TRS connecter tip to a TS connector on the mic cable. That was the difference between my guitar getting signal into Cubase and my condenser mic not. This may only be an issue with the MOX6 keyboard input, but thought it might possibly help. I still have tons to learn.