Mic Pre Amps

Hello Everyone ,
Just wondering what mic pre amp is best to use with the Presonus 1818 .
I am thinking of the Artpro MPA II studio or should I look at the LA 610 MK II classic.
Anyone have others that i should be looking at ???

PS Not sure if this question shoudl be in this forum or not !

Many thanks

Aloha B,

This is a major topic with many many different POVs, approaches etc.

For me it depends on two main factors:

Ask yourself; what is your main focus?

If you are doing works for yourself, you already know what sounds
you like, so one possibly two (different) units might suite you just fine.

In my situation (running a studio) I have to have as many
different mics and pre’s as possible because you never know what
a client might prefer.

Good luck!

I love the 610’s. I have two and use them for ‘clean’ stuff.
But I also use and love Joe Meek stuff for ‘colour’.


Hello …
Man you nailed it in that there are 2 ways to look at this , vocals ? , instruments ? , .
I write as much as i can and such I still want both in one package, however I really see what
your sayn… I am still looking though . I suspect for myself it is vocals.

Many Thanks !!

What’s wrong with the 1818 preamps?

Hi Bug

I have an art pro mpa ii swapped the tubes in it for JJ electronics gold pins works very well for my needs. Good mic pre for the money.

For the same sort of money (including tubes) you could always look a the isa one by focusrite.

SPL Track one…it’s fab and it aint made in China !!!

Aloha s,
I have not heard about any probs with stuff made in China.

Sup wi dat?

Heck my main 'puter was made in China.
No real problems with it yet.

(or were you just being a bit facetious?) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: