Mic problem

Which is the best way or the only way to record using Samson CO1U mic with Cubase Elements 6 ?


thanks but…
I read somewhere Cubase is sluggish on Mac ,I also read somewhere an ‘aggregate device’ won’t do too well either.
The only reason I’m here is because Yamaha THR 10 threw in Cubase on the deal,but it’s beginning to look like that deal opened up a can of worms. :confused:

Oh, I see. People are just supposed to know you are using Mac OS.

So they “threw in” Elements 6? That’s odd. Are you sure it’s not LE or AI?

Sorry I forgot to mention The icon in the dock says Cubase LE AL Elements 6 .The computer says its a Mac.
It may be a great prog but I have yet to use the bloody thing for a recording.

Well, as explained in the link USB mics are rubbish for DAW use, so either set it up the way it’s explained or get a proper interface.

Two hours later…
I haven’t a clue what I’m doing but something half decent is recording.
I need to mess about with Device Set Up and VST some more, basically Mac built-in- audio selected picks up the Samson mic.

Installer video guide for Yamaha THR 10 + Cubase 6

Cubase Feature Comparison :
Cubase 6.5
Cubase Artist 6.5
Cubase Elements 6
Cubase AI 6
Cubase LE 6


I don’t know why Steinbereg can’t post a few example screen shots of how to set up a ‘bus’ for Samson CO1U or Samson CO3U USB microphones, its not like Samson haven’t sold a few.

I also don’t know why Steinbereg can’t post a few example screen shots of how a ‘bus’ for Yamaha THR 10 amp would look set up.

I don’t know why this thread title has so many viewers but I have a feeling its because of the words MIC & Problem.

Should Steinberg post example screen shots for every piece of hardware in the market? Think about it! If they had to buy all of those equipment just to get screenshots, your Cubase would cost 10 times it does now.

And no matter how many Samson USB mics have been sold, the fact remains: They (USB mics) are not ideal for DAW use. You can’t blame Steinberg just because Samson decided to create such a device while knowing it’s not going to integrate well with DAWs.

Thanks for posting but you could have said sorry I just don’t know and have a nice day.

SB Cubase has deals with hundreds of recording hardware manufacturers, a sure way to introduce new customers to their products is to give a lite version away free with recording equipment manufacturers. A bit like giving Cubase AL/LE with Yamaha THR 10 and then sell the upgrade when the user becomes familiar
or in my case sick to the back teeth with the software.
Another way is to prempt market demand for a product ,like lets say a USB mic . If audio recording quality is better with a USB Audio Interface , why not contact a quality Audio Interface manufacturer and give away some more Cubase lite versions that will work to a standard Cubase are happy with .


…then educate the people on how to use the bloody thing.

It’s up the the manufacturer of the specific device to provide instructions of how to set up any free software supplied with that device.

As far as USB microphones go, they are not Ideal for use in Cubase, yes you can make them work but the lack of any ASIO driver for them makes them less than ideal.

Will the C01U microphone work with my software?
The C01U microphone will work with any software that supports USB Audio Class devices and > does not require a proprietary audio driver> .

I was going to post this under another thread but it’s relevant here…moreso to me perhaps but here goes.

I have bought Elements 6 because I ,like many people, have seen some good things in Cubase .
Ok all DAWs have little things people get attached to but I have also become attached to Studio 1 … the reason is more relevant than it seems ,looking back over this thread I have now changed my mic set-up to to PreSonus AudioBox USB with a PreSonus mic…
…with me so far?
and guess what …I have also become attached to Studio1 because PreSonus Audio Box mic does not work in Cubase .
I swear I will donate money to charity if any living soul out there can prove otherwise.

Of course it does…

Of course it does…

I guess to prove that statement someone will have to post details of their system set-up on OSX.
I have nearly washed my hands of the complexities involved with Cubase’s settings.
You get to a point where it’s not worth the hassle. Studio1 does not have a system whereby one needs to be a sound engineer to configure an audio interface set-up.

Nether does cubase!!!

Nether does cubase!!!

Apparently this problem is not uncommon or maybe I have a different intarweb

As far as I can see, that lists 3 “problem threads” on the first page which 1 was user error, one was “the bloody USB cable”, and one was a Mac-user who can´t RTFM…
I don´t think that is anything representative, (nor does it indicate a “common” problem) - to support any of your above statements… IMHO
Or maybe I have a different intarweb
I had worked with a Audiobox before, and though I think it´s not a good interface, it does work with Cubase.

thinkingcap wrote; > “problem threads” on the first page etc…

Just 52 pages to go then and hundreds of examples,but thats not the point.
The point is I am talking to someone with multiple post on Steinbergs user forum who…

  1. says they have used PreSonas AudioBox
  2. fails to mention how they set it up
  3. & is definitely using a different intaweb