Mic Recommendation

Hi guys,

So few days ago i got the Steinberg UR242, and I was wondering what MIC’S are compatible with this equipment.

My goal is to start streaming on YouTube / Podcasts with clear vocal sound, can you please recommend me a Mic in the budget of 200 Euros.

Thanks in advance

In the field of streaming, usually Large Diaphragm Condenser (LDC) mics are used, which your UR242 can run perfectly fine.
Note that many mics marketed as streaming/podcast mic are USB mics and you don’t want those, you need one with a regular XLR output. These mics need phantom power so be sure to press that +48v button on your UR242.

Other than that, there are a huge number of mics available in your pricerange and I have no experience with any of them, but I reckon most would be perfectly fine for your application. Find one that comes with an elastic suspension mount (sometimes called a spider) that makes sure no vibrations are transfered from the mic stand to the mic.

Like I said I have no experience with mics in your pricerange, but as far as I can tell this would be a great one, and it comes with all the accessories you need (except a stand).

Don’t spend more to get adjustable pickup patterns, you only need cardioid.

Wow thanks allot for your help ill take your advice :wink:

Let us know how you get along :slight_smile: