Mic recording problem

Hi all.

This is probably just me being stupid, but I’m having a real problem recording with a mic. I’ve got an Audigy 4, running on XP. When I go to the Device Setup window in Cubase, all 20 inputs are listed as “Visible”, but only Line In 2 is listed as “Active”. I can, at a push, use Line In 2 but, obviously, that’s a line channel and so any mic input records very quietly with lots of hiss. Not what I’m after.

The Audigy’s mixer has the Line In as being unmuted and with the volume turned up, I’m not daft enough to have plugged the mic into the wrong socket or not have turned the mic volume on the outside of the soundcard up, nor even to have had the mic switched off.

If I go to the Sounds And Audio Devices dialogue box from the Control Panel, then both the Sound Recording and Voice Recording parts have SB Audigy 4 [DF00] selected with no other options in the drop-down menu, and the Advanced Options box greyed out. The card has the latest drivers installed.

Please tell me I’m just doing something simple and stupid wrong.

The fact that the inputs do not show as “active” means, They are not connected to a Cubase bus in VST connections, which tells me, I should tell you to start by RTFM. There´s a setup guide in there that explains the steps…