mic recording problems in ce5

I was preparing to record some vocals, but when i trien to record, there was no input on my audio track. also the led on the vocal track showed no led movement and the led on my interface was not lighing up. has anyone else have this problem?

Have you tried a different cable?

Does the mic require phantom power?

If you have no signal at your interface you can probably rule out any Cubase related problems.

Have you successfully used this mic/cable in the past?

The mic doen not need phantom ower I really don’t know if its the mic itself or the cord giving me problem.

Well, some might say changing them might help finding it out. Don’t know if that’ s true though. Maybe if you changed the microphone first, it wold be cheaper, or the other way round…? Don’ know really. Very tricky…

I tried chamging mics but i’m still having the same problem. Maybe it is the cable. These have worked for me before but it is quite a awhile since I’ve used them.

Maybe tell us a bit more about what equipment you are using?

Mic? Cable? (XLR>XLR or XLR>TRS) Interface? etc…

I’m using an Audix om2 and a SM57with an E-Mu 0202 interface.However i am using a kinda cheapie cable. I usually use a trs adapter, but when i tried using both the trs and xlr out nothing happens.

Do not use a XLR>TRS cable, the TRS input on the interface is not for microphones.
Use a XLR to XLR.

This is the first step.

For some reason i cannot get my xlr input to work.

Do you get a signal light on the interface when talking into the microphone using an XLR to XLR lead, with the E-Mu gain turned up?

no. i get no signal in the xlr input with the gain turned up.

Use a new XLR>XLR cable.