Mic too low or not recognized UR22


I just got an AT2020 microphone and I plugged it into the ur22 with an xlr cable. I am using the phantom power.

Windows 10 and audacity hardly pick up any sound with input turned all the way up (this results in feedback). Same for cubase. I’ve attached a photo of the waveform of me snapping right next to the mic with the input gain at the highest.

would anyone happen to know what is wrong?

Thank you

I also have an AT2020 (XLR) with the UR44 and had/have some troubles with it.

First (and this may sound ridiculous but still…) check if you use the right side of the AT2020. Somehow the backside looks like the front and I made that mistake once.
Secondly, check the settings in DspmixFx to see if your input gain is open.
Check in your DAW if your track gain is on and monitoring on as well.

Lastly, there are known issues about the UR’s input gain not being too great (I need to set my gains to +75% to get a decent level) but in that case you should get a decent signal,

Hi, the back and front are a bit confusing but I checked and still very low signal. Dspmix seems to be for UR242, UR44, UR28M and UR824…I have UR22. Really is bizarre, the microphone seems unusable with this interface

Maybe I am crazy and the gain is fine. Here is a link to me saying ‘hello’ alternating between 6 inches away and directly in front of the mic. I am also increasing the gain as I do this. It starts to get ‘staticky’ when I raise it past two o clock and this is the only time when it starts to sound like I am in the same room as the mic. I have also attached a pic of the waveform in audacity. 9-12s corresponds to the input gain being a max or close to the max. It seems rather small for being at max.

Thank you

At two o clock the input should be fine (but like I mentioned this for me is the minimum as well for proper gain and honestly “feels” way too much for such a class A pre-amp as the UR has).

Unfortunately I am unfamiliar with Audacity and maybe that is where the culprit lies. Maybe you can test the mic in a diferent setup with a friend or in a shop? Alternatively this online tool might be of help to check if your mic is ok: https://www.onlinemictest.com/

Oh, I have the same problem in Cubase as well. I tried the mic on a mixer at my school and it worked fine.

A new xlr cable fixed the problem for me