mic ur28m cubase pro 8

I know you will have being asked this 1000 times but my head is banging off the wall.
Ive watched all youtube videos read evrywhere possible on how to set this up but for love nor money i just cant not get my mic to record my voice or see that it is recieving a signal…my head is truly pickled
im on windows 7 16gb ram qud core
condenser mic
audio technica
ur28m soundcard
cubase 8 pro

please can anyone help me finally combat this headache with me please.

To avoid a lot of questions you should provide some screen shots that will answer most of the questions…

  • VST Audio system menu showing what ASIO driver is assigned
  • VST connections menu showing the assigned buses in the Import and Export Tabs menu
  • Project screen showing the assigned Inputs and Outputs in the Inspector section for your audio track
  • Project screen showing what is enabled for your audio track (Record enabled, monitor enabled, etc)

Basically you need to make sure you have these things correctly assigned:
You assigned the correct ASIO driver for your UR28M in the VST Audio System menu.
You need to have set the correct Input and Output Buses in the VST Connections I/O menus.
You need to have chosen the correct Input and Output buses to your project audio track. The Input bus would be the one where you have connected the mic on the UR to. And the output bus would most likely set to be the UR main stereo out.
You need to have the correct settings enabled on the project audio track.

Regards :sunglasses:

hi sorry to just reply ive been ill for some time.
here are the screenshots

Hope you are feeling better… :slight_smile:

Here is what I suggest to get things going…

  • You should delete the input busses listed in your pic 3.

  • Add 2 new mono input buses. One for input 1 and one for input 2 that are on the back of the audio interface… Again, these would be assigned as mono (not stereo) buses.

  • Connect your mic to input 1. XLR connectors are usually used for mics but… it could be a 1/4" jack.

  • In your project you need to have a mono or stereo audio track (I always use stereo) set to have the mono bus for input 1 assigned as the input. Input & output bus assignment is located in the inspector section

  • The stereo output bus shown in pic 2 might be ok but, make sure it is assigned to the connections you are using. A stereo output bus assigned to output 1/R and 2/L should work.

  • Make sure that output bus is assigned (in the audio track inspector section) to your audio track.

This should get you going. Remember that the audio track monitor function needs to be enabled to hear during recording and disabled to hear during playback.

Hope this helps.

Regards. :sunglasses:

thank you for getting straight back to me on this as soon as i get my lad to sleep i’ll follow your guidance and lwt you now how it goes.
I’m very grateful for you taking the time to help me on this.
Best reagards

hi…ive followed all instruction but still i get nothing…i have phantom turned on on mu ur28m…i just cant see what im missing here.

A few thoughts…

  • Did you hit the “record” button on the transport panel?
  • Can you hear whatever is on the drum track?
  • In your 3rd pic it shows that you have the “cycle” function in the transport panel activated. Disable it.
  • In the track inspector you should disable or at least bypass) the “equalizers”, “sends”, and the “inserts” until you get this sorted.
    Is the gain (or volume) on your UR audio interface turned up for input 1 and for your earphones and/or monitors?
  • You say you have phantom activated on the UR. I assume you mean the 48v phantom power for the mic. If yes… does you mic need that activated?
  • Can you see the mixconsole? Is the volume for the main stereo out channel set high enought?

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hi.thanks for such a quick response and i am sorry to keep bugging you with it.
Iv’e followed all instructions to the letter but still nothing.Ive taken a video of my soundcard and screen so hopefully i can upload it for you to see.

it wont let me upload the video footage for you

No problem but, I am running out of ideas for you.

I don’t have a UR audio interface but there is a place that can be set to “Mute” in the interface dspMixFx software. So check that. There are switches on the interface itself that need to be set correctly too. If these things are not set correctly they will prevent audio from getting through to Cubase.

Also… there is a software/firmware update for your UR. you should install it. If you get license issues after installing this update make sure you install the latest eLicenser software and run the maintenance routine as admin.


A few last things from me…

  • Please confirm if you see or hear anything at all while recording through your mic.
  • Are you sure nothing is muted?
  • Are you sure the mic is working and the cable/connections are ok and you are connected to the correct input on the UR.
  • You have disabled or bypassed all inserts, equalizers, and sends on the audio track and on the stereo out channel.
  • Volumes on the Cubase audio track, the main stereo out channel and on the UR gain/volumes for the input and earphone/monitors are set high enough.
  • For recording you are enabling the audio track record and monitor functions and hitting the record button on the transport panel.
  • For playback you are disabling the track record and monitor functions.

Also… I am asking other forum members to chime in with some other thoughts. I hope they see an easy fix for you.

Regards. :sunglasses:

thanks for this.i really am frateful…its sending me insane…,my mic definitley works and picks some sort of signal up because if i say put the mic on my desk the input dial on my ur28m lights up as if it regestered the sound .
but again in cubase nothing.
Im going to delate the inputs outs and start from back to basics with the guidance you have given.
Again thank you for taking so much time in trying to help me here as its my last holdback on cubase now.
Thaks aagina and best regards