Mic with crackling noise - impossible to hear anything else

Hello everyone

I’ve connected a mic (Audio-technica) AT2035 to front port N.1 (D-PRE mic/line) the UR-22C box. I’ve tried to switch the +48V and without but in both cases, when I unmute my audio track connected to the mic in Cubase 11, I have a constant crackling noise (as if something is not well plugged). It’s not a background noise knowing that I can’t hear anything else than that constant crackling noise when I try to record something.
Did anyone experience that issue already?

Thanks very much in advance and good afternoon

It could be a bad cable or a cable that is not properly attached to microphone.

That’s the first thing I would check.


Also maybe try to engage the 80Hz cutoff switch on the AT 2035 and see if that helps.

Thanks very much, cable is new and was well plugged but thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks very much, I did not try that yet, thanks for the advice, it will hopefully solve the issue.
Have a nice day

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