Michael Jackson Billy Jean Remix

So I made this a while ago, I used the A Capella of Billy Jean and substituted all the instruments for a gypsy/bordello feel.
Everything was tempo-mapped and then I set it to a swing beat rather than the 4 on the floor of the original. New orchestration and xylophone/piccolo/tuba parts with a ska type guitar. It’s meant to be spooky and a bit twisted.



Well, that sure is an interesting take on the song! :astonished: Clever :slight_smile:
I reckon you could bring the vocal up a notch. By the way, where did get the acapella vocal?

weird or what!!..very clever re mix, I don’t like re mixes (prefer original stuff) but I applaud this for it’s originality (for a re mix that is)
conjured up visions of Jackson in a clowns uniform singing in a circus…

interesting :bulb:

yeh good stuff but like sherz says the vocals are a bit too far back and i think they are beginning to sound like an after thought ,i thought you could have supported the vocal melody better with the other instrumental melody lines ,its like the two didnt belong together at times , we all know that they dont belong together in real life but i thought you could have avoided the clashing melody's .like when your melodys meet michaels , blend yours around mj`s to create a nice harmony or something and eq a bit of daylight to the vocal. apart from that little problem :laughing: soz ,great concept .

This is what “RE”-mixes should be about, IMHO. Absolutely brilliant.

really well done

and thanks for seing that here in the english-forum remixes are allowed, because you James really have not the copyright of the original stuff, haven´t you?
good to know, so now I found a place where I can present my remixes in the future

Well, you’ve succeeded! :smiley:

Nice remix, really interesting!