Micro trim a audio clip??

Hi, I’m trying to trim one single note off of the end of my audio clip, I’ve turned off bars but still seems like 1/32 is as small as I can go? The play head still wants to snap to these points, can I turn this snapping off for true and complete micro adjustments or is this a app limit and if so any suggestedquick work around? Thanks

Hi mystweave,

Thanks for your message.

The behaviour is planned to be changed with a later major version release update.

Please use the audio editor for micro adjustments:

  • Double tap the audio event in the “Arrange Window” to open it in the “audio editor”
  • Make sure “Grid” is set to “OFF”
  • Tap on “Bars/Beats” in the top menu bar, to change its display to “Time”

This allows you to edit the wave file in the audio editor without any snap limitations…

Hope that helps!


Hello there Lars.one feature that would be a game changer is if we could split audio files and when we double to open the audio editor we see only the section we want to edit instead of the whole audio file.when audio is split, the splits become independent.that would be a plus plus plus on Cubasis