micro tuner on external midi HW ?

how can i have micro tuner midi insert to work on external HW midi device ?
it only works for steinberg VSTi,it wont work on kontakt for example.
does the micro tuner sent any midi over midi/usb cable ?
maybe there is a filter somewhere that prevents sending its pitch data ?
tried it with Korg PA4 arranger and it wont work :bulb:


You can use MIDI Send, apply the MIDI Insert and send the signal to the external HW.

unfortunately it doesn’t work.
i tried with midi insert on midi track,use the midi send,routed to my korg PA4,(also tried with kontakt and microsoft internal wavetable ,none of them work)
i tried many combinations,but seems micro tuner only controls steinberg VSTi (maybe some others too but i don’t have them to test)

I tested with NI Kontakt, and I can confirm, it does`t work. The question is, if only Steinberg instruments are supported (I wouldn’t say so) or if any VSTi with Note Expression support is supported. Unfortunately, there is not much info in the manual.

yep, micro tuner is unclear.how it works?, it only works with certain VSTi’s?, does it send data to midi hardware, and if yes how ? Sysex ?
any steinberg employe to elaborate on this ?
i think micro tuner should be developed more and need to work on HW too,many users can benefit from it and Steinberg probably too
as for Kontakt-its probably NI flaw or by design it wont work with external micro tuners and hermode tuning in cubase ?

This has been discussed a lot.

Only VSTs that understand the commands the microtuner sends will work, so no hardware, I suppose.