Micro Tuning

First, the easy question:
There are no presets in this device. Is this correct, the assumption being I create my own and save them?

Second, the hard question:
Can I exert control over the tunings so the tunings get severe over time? That is, I start flat and over a 16 bar phrase the tuning gradually gets severe? Or, how can I accomplish this in any other way?


interesting idea.
didnt try it with micro tuning but i guess you can use automation to move the micro tuning sliders over time.
or just play the wrong notes :smiley:

Hey, you can lokk to the inspector in the Midisection…there you can randomly pitch notes, or random quantize!

Yeah. Nice solution.

Can you give me a hint on how to automate this?


Just enable write on the track it’s on, hit play and slide the sliders…

(or look at the track’s automation lanes)