Micrologue Arp lock button issue

In CB 3.0.1, the lock button for Micrologue Arp doesn’t work. It has no effect until a new preset is selected.
Quite annoying.

I’ve detailed the issue and followed the bug report form.
A feedback on this issue would be welcome.

  1. Summary/Title
    Micrologue Arp Lock button status not updated correctly

  2. Description
    Enabling / disabling the lock feature of the Micrologue Arp by touching the corresponding button, is not immediately reflected visually on the status of the button.
    The status of the button is only reflected when another preset is selected.
    This is rather confusing even though the lock feature works.

  3. Expected Results
    When touching the Lock button to enable the feature, the button should be visually “enabled”.
    When touching the Lock button to disable the feature, the button should be visually “normal”.

  4. Actual Results
    The button keeps its current visual appearance until a new preset is selected.

  5. Environment
    hardware : iPad 6th gen
    software : iPadOS 13.4, Cubasis 3.0.2 and 3.0.1

Hi ElectroStrat,

Thank you for your bug report which has been added to our bugbase.
Am I correct, that the feature itself works correct, but the button does not justice the current state (cosmetically issue)?


Hi Lars,
Yes, the feature itself works correctly but the current state is not visually reflected.
I agree that it’s not a critical issue but it should not be hard to fix it.

Just a real cosmetic question : why the “copy” button is always green and the “paste” button grey ?
I first thought that the green color could be related with the fact that something is in the clipboard.


Hi again,
For what is worth, the visual behaviour of the arp in Cubasis 2 makes more sense to me :

  • the “copy” and “paste” buttons are both grey but flashes in orange when there are pressed / used.
  • the “lock” button is in grey when the feature is disabled and in orange when enabled.