Micrologue Arp - Steps not working

  1. Summary/Title
    Micrologue Arp - Steps not working

  2. Description
    When initializing Micrologue or loading a “non-arp-preset” and then activating the Arp, there is no step progression. When deactivating the first step, no note is played back. The steps only seem to work when loading an arp-preset from the factory library.
    I tested the same behaviour with Cubasis 2 and there are no problems regarding the arp. Steps are working there as intended.

  3. Expected Results
    Arp-steps working in Micrologue

  4. Actual Results
    Arp-steps not working in Micrologue

  5. Environment
    iPad Pro 10.5" (MPDY2FD/A), iOS 14.0.1 (18A393)

Hi TomJetland,

Thank you for your detailed bug report.

The Micrologue ARP issue will be resolved in the next Cubasis update.
For the time being/as a workaround, please choose a factory ARP preset and tap the “reset steps” button.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes
& stay safe,