micrologue introduces heavy latency


if i create 1 new midi track in an empty project with micrologue, after about 1 minute there is a big latency up to 0,5s for micrologue + all other instruments. if i remove the track, there are crackles for maybe 10 seconds and then the latency is normal.

i am using the latest ipad pro. this is mot happening with cpu intensive instruments like moog model 15. no background apps.


Hi lasse23,

While Micrologue requires some CPU, it should not introduce latency issues or similar, especially on the iPad Pro.

Does the issue appears in a simple project or are other instrument/effects app involved via IAA, AU or Audiobus 3?

If possible, please provide me with a short video that demonstrates the issue along with the steps to give it a repro.
Please provide me with the download link via private message.