Micrologue not working properly in Cubasis 3 iOS

1. Summary/Title
Even though I unlocked the full version in Cubasis LE 3 I get messages that Micrologue is missing or not purchased.

2. Description
I just unlocked the full version out of Cubasis 3 LE. When I create a new project or track I can use Micrologue presets just fine. When I close Cubasis 3 and open it again I will get this message:

After this when I press the button to change the instrument (either right in the track or in the list to the left hand) it will take me into the shop for the Micrologue arp. Pressing “back” will just take me to the shop main page, the only way to get out of this is removing the track. When I press “Restore purchases” it will say “1 Purchase restored” but nothing will change.

3. Expected Results
Being able to use Micrologue in the unlocked version of Cubasis 3 LE. Otherwise being able to change the instrument to another one so no error message will pop up.

4. Actual Results
See description above.

5. Environment
iPad 6th generation
iOS 14.8
Cubasis 3 LE 3.3.3 Unlocked Version

Hi @Capucius,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Please give it a try to enable the Cloud once, before restoring the Micrologue ARP IAP again (you can disable it again afterwards).

Does this help to resolve the problem?

& stay safe,

Thanks for your help, I am afraid I can’t check this. I bought the. Micrologue ARP for the end of the cyber weeks sale and since then the problem doesn’t appear anymore. Problem solved for me, though. :slight_smile: