Micrologue preset not stopping

Once more question: I used a Micrologue preset (Direct on bars arp) and when I press the stop button it continues to play as it’s blocked… I didn’t find a way to avoid this.
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Hi @arfo1962,

Thanks for your message.

Please have a look if the “Hold” parameter is set to “ON” on the Micrologue ARP “ARP/STEP” tab.

In addition, if you encounter hanging notes (which is a different topic), simply tap the “MIDI Panic” button located in the “Routing” tab of the “Inspector”.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Lars,
yes it was but if I switch it off the effect changes.
When I tried, now, everything worked correctly so I guess it could be the case for a ‘panic’ button; I’ll consider it in case the problem would happen again…
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