Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer incl. 50 factory prese

what is this??? (it is written on the page of APPshopper website)

also in itunes cubasis page …what is micrologue miswritten upcoming feature???

Very curious.

Seems like Cubasis version of Steinberg’s Retrologue synth. http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/vst/retrologue/start.html

I think the description is from the 1.5 version and by mistake was submitted with 1.4.1 version

Can’t wait 1.5 with internal synth… But I think we need more internal sampler and drum machine in Cubasis.

completely agree…but also synth+multisampler+drum machine…yeah this is mega-trio…my dreams

I wrote a post in my blog on what I think it would be http://www.ipadmusic.com/blog/2013/6/22/micrologue-analog-synth-for-cubasis-is-coming

If iOS needs something then it’s really not another synth.They should focus on automation first IMO.But i guess it’s easier to sell a fancy synth than automation to new customers…


Indeed that was the “what’s new” text we submitted for the 1.5 update which wasn’t supposed to show until the update actually becomes available.
Here is the official statement: