Microphone Distortion - A Question

Hey everyone,

I have been using a Superlux LDC for years now, it was cheap but has been brilliant. However recently it has started to distort at volumes it would previously have handled without a problem (long before any clipping shows up on my interface). Any ideas why? Is my microphone just broken and I need a new one? If so, what would you recommend (other than being more gentle with my next one…).

Things that I have changed relatively recently that may be part of the problem:

  1. I have upgraded my interface and now use a Roland Octa Capture, which has vastly superior preamps
  2. I used the mic to record some room sound for some pretty loud electric guitars.

Thank you for your input.


P.s. I can get something out of it by just turning the gain on the interface down much lower than before but I suspect I will loose a great deal of the detail that is the reason we use LDCs in the first place.