Microphone effects

Hi all
I want to turn my microphone into a speaking tube through the effects.
Can someone recommend me a software and help me there?

What’s a “speaking tube”? Just the sound of someone talking into a tube?

Yeah, or a talk box

Well if you’re willing to spend there’s “Speakerphone”, and I think McDSP has one called Futzbox or whatever. They take somewhat similar approaches to getting different real-world sounds like this one.

Just looking at it I’d expect compression, a limited range of frequencies, and amplifier, and probably some distortion. You could probably accomplish all of that with plugins such as a compressor and an amp (which you could overdrive to distortion) and an EQ. Not sure you need much more than that.

What’s the use case? Actual post production?

Gonna go out on a limb here guessing by the op’s user name… i think he might mean ‘talk box’ a la peter frampton and the fact the original models had a plastic tube connected to a speaker cab via some weird arrangement?