Microphone INPUT gets played on speakers all the time

I have the problem that whatever I say into my microphone gets played on my speakers in an instant. I already tried to turn off Loopback in the Steinberg USB Control Panel and I also tried turning off ALL Audio IN- and OUTputs on my PC. (Windows 10). Everything started with me wanting to make a Whatsapp Audio…

I have a Microphone with phantom power in LINE IN 1, USB Power from my PC, MIDI not connected, and speakers on LINE OUT.

Can anyone help me please? I couldn’t find this exact problem yet.

Mix dial is set to input?
Which interface is it?

I’m using the UR22 mkII interface, when I turn the mix dial all the way to INPUT, I have no PC sound at all anymore. No matter if I use the Headphones or the LINE OUTPUT socket.