Microphone issues on Cubase LE12

This is my first publication here and I hope someone can help me
I’m using Cubase LE12 and a Tascam US 2X2HR. In the meantime, I bought a Marantz MPM-1000 Condenser mic, and the issue is, when listening to the voice recording, it comes with a lot of noise/distortion. I raised the buffer, tried a lot of times, but the result is always the same. When only monitoring, the Mic works perfectly. Suddendly, I remembered noticing that the Cubase Bit rate is at 16/44,1, while in the TAscam is at 24/44,1 (or 48Khz, cannot recall exactly)
Could this be the issue?
Thank you very much for your help

Did you turn on Phantom Power?

Yes, I did

If you’ve chosen Tascam ASIO driver in Studio Setup, the sample rate and bit depth will be the same.

Maybe your gain staging is wrong. Have you checked all the gain levels on the input in Cubase?

Hi, Steve.
Sorry for not having answered. Yes. I confirmed and the bit rate is the same. But I don’t think I know about the gain staging. The main input and output ar at -6dB. Is it on the Mixer that I check this? LAst time I’ve used Cubase was 16 years ago, and it was the SX3. At the time, I had a Shure SM58 and an M-Audio Firewire Audiophile. It was “plug and play”. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
Thank you very much for your patiente, Steve.

By gain staging, I mean that every place that there is a volume control on the input and along that route, you should look at.

But I’m only guessing, since I’m not in front of your machine, and also I am not acquainted with the Tascam device.

Is it double routed to Control Room and the main output at the same time?
Is a pre gain set in Cubase?