Microphone Madness

Hi I recently purchased a ur22 MKII which comes with a ST-M01 microphone. I did so on the strength that I would be getting a second microphone at a later date as doing it this way would suit my budgeting. Correct me if I am wrong, but, Is it true that Steinberg will not sell a second ST-M01 by itself? Can I ask all of you audio professionals, sound engineers and amateurs alike: Do you use two microphones that are of the same make and model in a recording session? Would that be called a “Matched pair” and would such a configuration of recording devices be quite common in the recording industry? Could I be so bold as to ask you if you think it is unreasonable of Steinberg to deny a customer the chance of purchasing the said microphones?
What do you all think?

What do you want your matched pair for? To record drum kits using just overheads or stereo live recordings? To be fair these sort of applications are quite advanced are are not the sort of target audience the starter pack is aimed at. If I were starting out and on a very limited budget I’d rather have two very different mics to cover my bases. It must be said - it seems a bit of an oversight going to the trouble of producing a branded mic and then only including it in a kit!

Matched pairs are supposed to be exactly that - matched at the factory rather than just the same mic bought twice.
A good budget option is the Behringer C2 pencil mics or slightly larger C4s - both matched pair mic sets available for about £55 and are perfectly decent utility mics, like all pencils the C2 can be slightly noisy at higher gain levels.