Microphone picking up headphone and background

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Newbie here :slight_smile:

I’m using Cubasis and Studiospares M2000 headphones and a Rode NT1-A mic which is picking up the sound from the headphones (from the whole room actually).

The headphones are new, however when I used Cubase some years ago with the same mic it didnt used to pick up everything.

Is there a setting on Cubasis I can change to correct this, or is this down to something else, eg a fault with the mic/headphones?

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Hi Andy,

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Sounds like crosstalk issues to me, which are unrelated to Cubasis.
Especially the headphone could be the problematic factor here, depending if its an open or closed design.

I’d suggest to browse the web for best tips how to avoid crosstalk when doing audio recordings.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Lara thanks for your note. I’ve just seen that the audio device setting in settings is set to iPad microphone how do I get it to pick up my microphone? I have a mic plugged into a presonus audio box one with a lightning cable going into my iPad

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Hi Andy,

Please have a look at our available Cubasis LE tutorial clip (at around 1:50 min), to learn how to setup and perform audio recordings with external devices: https://youtu.be/j8t48FZSX60

Hope that helps!


Hi Lars

Thank you for your reply.

I’ve watched the video…I don’t think this tells me how to change the settings so audio takes from Sonus rather than Ipad micrphone

Can you help me with what I need to do so I can record vocals through the Audio device?



It sounds like your iPad/Cubasis is not detecting the Presonus interface, it should show up and be selected by default under “Audio/Audio Device”

Keep in mind that the Presonus needs to be powered via the USB 2.0 port and an AC adapter of some kind, the iPad should be connected to the Device port via a Camera Connection Kit (the iPad will not power the Presonus)

Power up the Presonus first, then plug it into the iPad


Thanks for the additional hints, Carl!
Great to see, users are helping users here… :slight_smile:


Thanks Carl and Lars

I bought a connector that fits into the IPad where the charger usually goes.

And this is actually powering the PreSonus

Is it possible I’ve bought a connector that appears to be correct ie it fits into Ipad but actually is not…?

I’ve done a quick google search for Camera Connection Kit and these cost anything from a few pounds up to £40

Apologies for persisting, but want to avoid additional expense if I can…

Many thanks

Hi AndyDD,

Thanks for your message.

In general, we recommend to use Apple’s original adapters to connect hardware interfaces.

Since we’re not equipped with the PreSounus audio device, we suggest to get in touch with PreSonus to discuss the topic.
We’re at hand to provide them with a Cubasis promo code for testing purposes if required.

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Thanks, have a great weekend!

Had a quick look at the manual, you don’t need a CCK for this interface, but you DO need to power the interface separately from the iPad.

(from page 6)

USB 2.0/Power Port…
This port also provides power to the interface when used with an iPad.
Simply use the included USB cable connected to a compatible 5V, 2.1A
(2,100 mA) USB power supply, such as the one from an iPad.

so you need two cables:

  1. USB(type A) to lightning between iPad and interface (the cable that came with your iPad)
  2. USB(type B) to USB(type A) for power supply (this came with your interface, you can use any USB power supply, like the one that would normally charge your iPad)