Microphone playback - volume goes up and down randomly

I’m experiencing a pretty weird issue - Using Cubase Elements 8. I have a Tascam US-2x2 interface, using a Neumann condenser microphone, the US-2x2 driver, also tried ASIO4ALL, and while the graphic representation of the audio I record seems to be constant and normal, the audio playback gets randomly quieter, louder (despite looking like it’s normal).
I tried using the microphone in Adobe Audition with the same drivers and this doesn’t happen. Any ideas why I’m experiencing this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Hi, I had the same issue and spent quite a while messing with the input gain and other settings until I realised that the issue is caused by inserts in the audio channel - if you go into edit channel settings (the “e” button on the channel) you will see the inserts tab on the left…you can remove or bypass these and play your audio to see which is dropping the output, I found it was the noise gate in the VST Dynamics Insert (in which case you can remove this insert or double click it and adjust the Gate setting on the left of the pop up panel to achieve the output you want)…

Hope that helps.