Microphone Preamp usage whilst recording

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A quick brief of my current problem. My Universal Audio Twin Solo mkii packed up this week, bang in the middle of a recording session. I can’t afford to replace it at the moment, so I picked up a Focusrite Solo just to tide me over.

Everything is going ok, but I’m used to utilising UAs’ Preamp on the way in, just to give a lift to the vocal. Now, I just cannot find a way to get my Waves preamps to assist whilst recording in Cubase11. Is it possible? Hopefully I’m just acting like a complete newb lol :love_you_gesture:

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Can’t you put one of your Waves plugins into an Insert on the Input Channel you’re recording? In theory that should work.

Or you could use the Compressor from the Cubase builtin Channel strip and dial up the makeup gain to increase the volume being recorded.

Additionally to what @Nico5 just said, and if you want also the output signal from the Waves preamp to be recorded, I would put it as an insert of the Input track corresponding to the Focusrite solo hardware input (Audio connections… window).

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The input channels are made for this… you can apply what you need by inserting there…

Thanks for the replies guys. I had no problem recording the effect, I just don’t get the lift I wanted in the cans. I literally have to put the headphones on top volume, and drop the master bus in cubase low, just so my vocalist can get a decent volume on her voice whilst recording.

Did you use direct monitoring for the vocalist headphones? If yes, the headphones don’t get the benefit of the boost. You’d need to change that, so the headphones monitor the mix including the vocal track after it’s been boosted in software.

If you have Cubase Pro, the studio professional way of doing it would be to use a cue-mix in the Cubase Control Room. It provides the ability make mixes designed for exactly your situation without changing the “real” mix.

You could increase the gain in the Pre section of the Input Channel which will effect the recorded level