Microphone recording UR24C

I have Steinberg’s UR24C as an audio interface, and until recently I was using its mic preamplifier and AD converter to record in my Cubase Pro 11 DAW. I recently bought the BigKnob Studio + monitor controller. I have started to use it, instead of the UR24C, as an audio and recording interface through its preamp and AD converter, since I have greater ease of sending CUE and communications with the recording booth.
Since I think the UR24C’s preamps and converters are better than the BigKnob Studio +, my question is if I could use the UR24C to record with the mic, feed its output to the BigKnob Studio + line input, and from there to the DAW.
Instead, what equipment and what configuration would be the most correct?

I guess that if you just turn the mix knob fully ccw you could do it like that. Also, you could possibly set up the urc24 mixer (dspmixfx) so that mic inputs 1 and 2 go to one line out each. This is a common thing with the ur 824 and while I haven’t tried it with the urc24 I think it would work the same.
Just try it out:)

I have tried the one you have told me and it works perfectly.

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