Microphone Recording

Hi, sorry if this question has already been asked, but I haven’t been able to find the anwser.

First off I am using Cubase 7 AI, shure 57 microphone, stienberg ur 22 (input 1) and a 1978 fender twin.

After several hours (insert insult here) I can hear sound coming from the microphone. The problem is that every time I go to record the microphone by assigning it to some buss, no sound is recorded (no wave form). If I hit record and tip on the microphone I can get very settle “boops” on the recording. I believe I have turned up the volume by going to the mixer, and have clicked the record/monitor buttons. I do not however see the button next to each channel that indicates the microphone is “hot”.

I hope this explanation of my problem with suffice. Someone please help. Thanks.



I apologize if this sounds insulting as it’s not possible to convey tone properly online. However if I’m interpreting correctly, what you’re describing refers to basic signal flow operation both in the UR22 and in Nuendo. I’m afraid your best bet is to read the manual for the UR22 (gain staging especially) and then at a minimum the quickstart Nuendo guide. It’s not really possible (for me anyway) to give enough of the most basic concepts to enable you to start recording, however the quickstart guide and the UR22 manual can.
If you have already done this then I’m guessing the coefficient of absorption was not sufficiently high.

I hope this helps in the way it’s intended,

Hugh your blatant honesty is much apprechiated. I will start there and reply back if needed.