microphone trouble

Can someone please just tell me how to get sound from the microphone?
The microphone is getting picked up in the input channel but not the output


To record the sound you need to create an audio track and assign the input routing of the track to the same in as your mic…then record enable your track and hit record on the transport

How you monitor the sound in your speakers/headphones depends on whether you are trying to do this via the software (with possible latency problems but the possibility to hear insert effects) or direct monitoring the dry no latency sound via your interface.

If you list the equipment you are using it would make it easier to help you.

I’ve got the audio tracks set up, I’ve been able to record the guitars but when I’ve come to use the mic and do the vocals, I can’t get it to work. I’ve got record enabled and I can see that the sound is being picked up but it’s still not working. I’m using a beringer C-1 mic with a line 6 ux2 soundcard

ohhhh my goddddd I’ve sorted it yayyy :smiley: thanks anyway!