Microphones will not record sound in Cubase 7.

I am new to Cubase and recording audio in general.’

I have purchased two microphones one AT 2020 and one Shure SM57. I have an AudioBox i2 interface with a USB and I am using a PC.

I have set up the ASIO Interface in the Device Setup within Cubase as I have been instructed and added MonoBus for both microphones which it seems to detect. It says Input 1 and 2. My Vocal/Audio track are record enabled and everything else that I record, in terms of MIDI works just fine. I must be overlooking some detail.

I want to know why everything seems to be working but the microphones wont record. Any help and criticism welcome i want to learn how to use these microphones.


Can you see the signal on the Input Channels (most left with the red faders) in the MixConsole?

Is the Phantom power switched On (AT 2020 needs it, I guess)? Are you using XLR > XLR cable? Is the gain on your Audio Device turned right (is it enough)?

Welcome to the forum and the fun world of DAWs. These are complicated tools and can be a bit overwhelming at first, so don’t get discouraged.

Make sure that Input 1 & 2 are visible in the MixConsole. Then if you say something into the mics do you see a signal on the input meters? If you don’t then there is probably something not configured right in either VST Connections or the setup in your audio interface (whatever it is, hint that’s why folks put their DAW config in their sigs).

If you do see a signal on your input meters then you probably don’t have the routing set correctly. Make sure that the input to your vocal track is assigned to the Input 1 (or 2) buss that you created in VST Connections. If routed correctly you should see a signal on your vocal track’s meter when you have the monitor button for that track on.