Microscopic request regarding Key signature popover

I was just wondering whether “b”, as in flat, could be made case insensitive in the Key signature popover. :slight_smile:

Øyvind, you mean B or b should trigger the same key signature?
How can Dorico differentiate between B Major [B] and B flat Major [Bb]; or between B Minor [b] and B flat Minor [bb]?
I don’t exactly understand your request.

Just the flat part, because I have a tendency to release Shift too late when I’m working fast. Also, you have written two of them wrong. B flat major is Bb, not BB. B minor is b, not Bb. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Pladask,
I was just checking (to be sure) and corrected my post…

What do you mean by “just the flat part”?

I wish “BB” equaled “Bb” in the key signature popover.