Microsoft onedrive

For some reason, Microsoft Onedrive launches itself wheneve I create a new project. I can’t seem to prevent it. Anyone else have this problem and any ideas on how to stop it?

Try going into file explorer and right clicking on a .cpr file. Click on “Open with” and see what program is set to open it. Change the default programs to be your version of Cubase.

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Many thanks for your response. I finally decided to uninstall Onedrive completly, which is possible despite Microsoft embedding it in Windows10.
That solved it .

Were you storing your project in your OneDrive folders?
What does it mean the OneDrive opened when you create a new project (it normally is a background task)?

I use OneDrive as one backup destination since we have 10TB of storage with Office 365. But I don’t work inside of the OneDrive folder. I copy projects to the folder at the end of each session. Works well enough for me.

10TB? I thought it was 1TB per user.

I never used Onedrive, which is why it was so annoying when it appeared every time a project was opened. Anyway, problem solved by uninstalling it.
Thanks to all for you responses…

You are correct! We actually have 2 accounts: Office 365 Business Essentials and Office 365 Business. Business Essentials gets us email through an Exchange server, The second gets the full versions of MS Office, etc. Each one has 1TB per user which amounts to 10TB.

MS has crazy pricing. The above costs $13.25 US per month. They have another plan for 12.50 that has both email and Office, but it is also 1TB per user. So for .75 per month we get an additional 5TB!

Many thanks for your clarification. I also have an Office 365 Business account and therefore I use OneDrive (1TB per user and five users). In fact, I migrated from Dropbox to OneDrive due to this MS advantageous offer.