Microsoft SideWinder FF2 Joystick shows in Remote Devices :o

I got a Joystick for the purpose of having some better more hires XY control using Mjoy and LoopBe30 software, as nothing I currently have suffices for quality - BUT was surprised to see that Cubase (8.5) actually picked it up. It seems to by default, only control pan if you pull the trigger and move the joystick left to right. It’s actually pretty nice action, I think I need to open up the joystick and grease the pots a bit, but other than that it’s nice.

There’s not really any options for the JoyStick in Remote Devices, which is where my feature request comes in. Have some options for some of these great legacy devices that still work and are better than some modern components. Button/axis assignment to CC control and or parameters.