Microsoft's Tech Future

Windows 10 will be free for all Windows 7 & 8 users if they get it within the first year. Windows 10 will be the same operating system across computers, touch pads, phones and Xbox One. This will make it easier for software developers to make applications for multiple devices (with some minor adjustments).

The HoloLens will allow people to see hallucinations, interact using gestures and mouse/keyboard. It will be a new ubiquitous GUI for entertainment and work.

This will be public within a year.

This sound kind of nice… so I will be able to run Cubase LE in my Phone? :smiley:

People don’t need, and never have needed, a “HoloLens” to see hallucinations. People have been seeing hallucinations for millennia, without using any technology whatsoever. Bill Gates has nearly acquired a monopoly position in personal computing operating systems. But ain’t NO WAY he’s going to get away with monopolizing hallucinations! That’s just unacceptable! I hope everyone here will join me in boycotting the “HoloLens”. Just say NO!

Haha it uses LSD not LCD %-)


wooo hooo wacky techy!!!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It was enough when we had to put up with people seemingly talking to themselves when out and about with the advent of mobile phones and tiny Bluetooth headsets. Now were going to see wildeyed, begoggled people flailing their arms about in public.
I’ll be waiting for the incident when some guy pokes a girl in the booby and tries to explain that he thought he was clicking a pushbutton. :laughing:

“pushbutton”…I thought that’s what they were :wink: !

Dialing in radio Moscow, oops sorry madam, wrong dial, oops I did it again.

Won’t work 'cause you’re not plugged in…

The quran, talmud, bible…all the result of hallucinating humans. I think we’ve had enough of that bullcrunk.

Actually, the catholic church already monopolized hallucinations a long time ago. Even forced people to see them from about 11-1200 to until the last execution of the Inquisition in 1826, that’s 6-700 years of hardcore business. The inquisition changed names a few times since then, and the papal states still retains these institutions to this day under the name Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Obviously it is not interested in giving up this monopoly, so even Microsoft, with or without the Steinberg fan mob, would have a hard time changing that. :laughing:

BTW, It’s Microsoft that has nearly acquired a monopoly position in PC OS’s (naturally driven by Gates). According to various sources Bill Gates “only” possess around 4% of Microsoft (in shares). So even if his wealth originally came from Microsoft, that share amounts to about 13 billion, a sixth, or 16% of his 80+ billion in wealth. Obviously a sizable fortune, but only fractionally built from Microsoft and its many products. (Gates has for example, donated more than double that share, to the Gates Foundation, which in turn has given away about the same amount, yet it still has about that same amount in current funds.) So he is not actually monopolizing on anything (except for maybe money, together with a few others). :wink:

The HoloLens is better than Oculous Rift because Oculous Rift is heavy and causes motion sickness. On the negative side, the HoloLens does not cover peripheral vision. I assume future versions will. Be prepared to kiss reality goodbye. They are considering it to be a computing platform as well. You can still see your keyboard and mouse. Imagine positioning virtual musicians in 3D. Way better than a simple left/right pan control because it would also affect volume and reverb at the same time. Your monitor will be an entire wall. This is the future. Not many people realize how huge this is going to be (pun not intended).

I think it’s important to note that the HoloLens does not hold the same purpose as VR helmets or glasses, they rather reach into the AR (Augmented Reality) field of alternate realities. I think it will have a more natural fit for humans, than VR, to be honest. I want to meet a Robot before I die, but with the state of affairs in this world, it’s unlikely.

One can debate whether we need such technologies or not, but when one consider possibilities beyond games and all that, usually associated with computers and gadgets (and VR), well then things seem a little more practical. Sure, games will be a big thing for sure, got to brainwash them babies (heavy sarcasm there), but that’s not so bad. We were given computers during our lifetime, our offspring’s got to get something too. :slight_smile:

It can serve dual purposes. They emphasize augmented reality in the demos because this is the remarkable achievement of the technology.