Microtonal accidentals collision

Im writing a piece using 1/8s of tone. I created my custom accidental set and it work fine, but I have some problem with spacing and collisions. Do you know if there is a way to fix that without move every sngle accident of the piece?
Thankyou in advance!

Here an exemple of the issue

This is something Dorico normally handles very well, so if you could post a small project file that shows these problems, we can diagnose it a lot better.

I have experienced a similar problem with the koron (Persian accidental indicating about a quarter-tone flat). However the sori symbol spaces as expected.

Thanks for the replying!
Here a small cut of my project.

Sorry for using drive, but the file is bigger than 4MB.

I just noticed another issue about microtonal accidents, maybe related to the first one.
How can I manage accidents and brackets notes?
I don’t know why sometimes accidents stay inside the brackets other time outside.
I can fix them one by one manually, but I don’t know if there is some global option that I can deal.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Slice 40.pdf (20.2 KB)

Can anyone help me? :upside_down_face:

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. Thanks for the project, and I found the problem: Your -1/48 symbol starts at x = -8 when it should be x = 0, and there is an invisible second element in it that should be deleted. To fix:

  • Edit the -1/48 in your tonality system
  • Click the “Select →” button, and the trash icon to delete the unwanted element
  • With the remaining visible glyph selected, change Offset X to 0

There is a second element in your 3/48 symbol that should be deleted as well. When I make these changes, the accidental spacing looks much improved.

If you find the microtonal naturals don’t “tuck” tightly enough with other accidentals on the same note/harmonic, you can add cut-outs to their NE and SW corners. Open the 0/48 Natural and observe its cut-outs for an example.

Your bracket issue seems beyond my knowledge. (Anyone else?)


Thank you very much!

I fixed the two symbols and I worked with cutouts, now it looks much better.
Anyway, it looks like the new cut-outs doesn’t work with the already written notes, included harmonics. It seems to me that I have to re-input all the accidentals.
It will be a bit boring, but doable, nevertheless, if someone knows a shorter way I’d be very grateful!

At this point I think the bracket issue is not related to this, maybe I could write a new topic.