Microtonal accidentals key commands

is it a way to fast input the microtonal accidentals by using a key commands?

I build the tonality system, like you see below:

I was trying to input e.g. pitch „C” and use „lower/raise pith by chromatic step” key command, but it changes the pith from „C natural” directly to „D” with 3 quaters below accidental. In some pitches I have possibility only to raise the accidentals and in some pitches - only to lower. I suppose because it is connected with tonal center.
I need to have possibility to fast input any accidental to any pitch.

I also tryed to find in Dorico preferences-key kommands „set accidental command” but I found there only standard accidentals (like flat, double sharp) and two commands: for „microtonal” and „illegal accidental”.

Is it a way to have flexibility for fast inputing microtonal accidentals?

I’m afraid at the moment it is not possible to set key commands for microtonal accidentals, but this is definitely something we plan to allow in the future.

Thank you, Daniel, for quick reply. All the best.