microtonal accidentals

Dear Dorico users,
i have a problem with microtonal accidents. I basically just cannot input them.
I know i have to select 24-EDO in the tonality system panel. That shows the microtal accidentals but when i click on
one of them it flips back to 12-EDO and the accidental just doesn’t show up in the score.
maybe i need a plug-in or something?
Thank you for your help!

  1. Select the 24-EDO tonality system.
  2. Select a key signature from the section underneath.
  3. Drop the key signature into the score.
  4. Use microtonal accidentals.


  1. Select something on the page where you want the key signature to apply
  2. Select the 24-EDO tonality system.
  3. Type Shift-K open Enter.
  4. Use microtonal accidentals.

The tonality system is attached to the key signature.

Hi Leo,
i did the second and it works!
thank you so much?

Hi Leo.
Your first list shows “Select a time signature from the selection…”, I think you meant a Key signature :wink:
However you helped me :wink:

Whoops! Glad you got there, Marc.

Turns out I can’t edit it as that post is too far back - I think the limit’s 30 days. I definitely meant key signature.

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I can edit it with my admin superpowers, so I’ve done so.


Feel free to remove my post, then, dear Daniel :wink: