Microtonal accidentals


Looking forward to the release of Dorico and just wanted to know about one thing (sorry if it’s been explained before - I did search the topics). I currently use Sibelius to write microtonal scores, and the midi playback is fine, i.e. I can detune each note to roughly the required pitch easily enough. But my biggest bugbear is the fact that sibelius only offers one kind of microtonal accidental. So for example I tend to use a combination of 1/4-tone and 1/6-tone deviations from 12-ET but can only use Sibelius accidentals for one of these. This means that if I use the microtonal accidentals for 1/4-tones I end up having to add symbols for the 1/6-tones, and the problem is that symbols don’t have the same functions as the actual accidentals - they don’t move with the noteheads when going from the full score to transposing parts, and they certainly don’t add retuning commands when I select ‘quarter tone playback’.

Is this something that will be addressed in Dorico? Having different fully functional accidentals for different types of microtonal deviations would be a god send for me.

Many thanks,

Liam Carey

Please see this earlier thread:


Great, thanks for the reply.