Microtonality in Dorico pro

I created a 17-degrees scale in Dorico with microtonal intervals (a mix of thirtones and halftones: it sounds very good in Musescore).
It sounds all right with instruments from HSO or with Soundfonts, but not with Raven or Eagle.
Would it work with The Grand 3?
Thank you for answering.

You’ll find a longer thread here on the forum, but the short answer to “why” is that very few VSTi instruments other than Steinberg’s Halion as you mentioned support microtonal. It has been said that PianoTeq does and I think that’s a good question to ask on Grand 3.

I don’t know why more VSTi vendors don’t support it, but if you think about the way MIDI note on/off messages are sequentially numbered in half steps (with no room in between) there must be some extra magic/effort involved to do it dynamically with accidentals. With tunings, as I recall the conversation there is something in the MIDI standards but few use it.

Thank you for answering.
I naively thought that every Vsti from Steinberg build for Halion in a Vst3 format could do the job…
For Pianoteq, there is a Vst3i provided since version 7. I downloaded a trial version but no success: thirdtones are not read. Maybe some tweaks inside Pianoteq are needed.
So, for piano scores, I keep on using soundfonts.
Good evening!

I think you have to activate MIDI Tuning in Pianoteq options.


Just for grins…

Gerald Dellman is the guy who owns Full Bucket Music, and who builds VSTi instruments purely for fun. His Korg 3300 emulation supports different microtonal tunings (as did the original.) According to his site at least, he has at least once taken on a user request/project because it interested him… Especially if they happen to build on work he’s already mostly down, which is why I mention the 3300 work.

I figure if a few of you want to sent him an email - that the worst that happens is that he is flattered and you get to speak with what seems like a cool guy who is a little crazy about VST. At best, he might come up with something for you …

3300 from Bucket Music… yes I’ve been using it for some time but without deep exploration. Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it another try.
Some other synths hear microtonality (Pigments for example), but my main request is about finding a piano sounding really real… And the choice is limited: Kontakt, Sine Player or UVIWorkstation don’t hear microtones. So I mainly use Soundfonts (Salamander is correct).
That’s why I’d like to know if The Grand is ‘Microtonal compatible’ before buying it.
I hope someone in the forum can bring an answer…

About Pianoteq: I activated Midi tuning without success but it’s a versatile and complex application I didn’t give time enough to study it.

I have The Grand 3, and I just successfully tried it with 24-EDO equal temperament.

The answer I was looking for… Thank you very much!

Jesper, you are right: Pianoteq, with Midi option activated, works fine.
So, afaik, we can play microtonal scores for piano in Dorico with The Grand, Pianoteq and soundfont.

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