Microtone scales in Dorico Pro 5

Hi, I’ve been working on a Chorale-Symphonic project that uses microtone scale in the string section.
In Dorico Pro 3.5 I had the project set up so it would save all settings, including the microtone scale.
Now in Dorico Pro 5, I’m finding that all microtone accidentals have disappeared and the scale is back to a 12 tone scale. Every time I switch back to the 24 tone scale, save and close the project, it doesn’t save this setting.
What am I missing? Anyone having similar challenge?

It’s unclear what you mean. Are you talking about choosing the tonality system from the menu at the top of the Key Signatures and Accidentals panel in Write mode? If so, you’re misunderstanding how to create a change of tonality system in your project, which is documented here: