Microtones not Playing Back

Anyone has any idea why microtones are suddenly not registering in playback? I didn’t change anything in the settings and I’ve been working on this same file with the microtones registering fine in the playback for a couple months. I am using the latest version of Dorico Pro 5.

Welcome to the forum, @Laho. What playback device are you using for microtonal playback?

Hello, thank you for the reply. I posted on the FB group in the meantime and was able to resolve the issue. It happened when I updated from Dorico 4 pro to 5. With the advice of the facebook group I went into the expression map settings and changed the playback to VST microtonality instead of auto. This worked, although to be honest I am not sure why it didn’t work on auto. I am using the Helicon instrument.

Indeed, Dorico should automatically use the appropriate VST note expression method for microtonal playback when working with HALion-based instruments. I’m glad you’ve got a solution, in any case.

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