Microtones (quarter tones) in Play Mode

I’m new to Dorico, and I’m trying to find out how the quarter tones appear in the piano roll in the play mode. When I have quarter tones, they do certainly playback (and nicely displayed in the write mode) in 24 EDO, but I can’t see a difference between say, C and C-quarter-sharp, as displayed on the piano roll. I’m also not sure if I see the pitchbend information. Am I missing something?

The piano roll only displays pitches as 12-EDO, so you will see pitches snapped to the underlying MIDI note that is used for playback.

Thank you for the response. So how are the microtones encoded in the MIDI file? Aren’t they encoded with a MIDI note with pitchbend information?

I don’t know what I’m talking about, but you could look at MIDI pitch bend lane to see if there’s an alteration.

If you want microtonal pitches to be preserved when exporting MIDI, you need to ensure that the expression map(s) you’re using for playback in your project are using the MIDI pitch bend microtonal playback method, which you can set in the top section of the Library > Expression Maps dialog (which is closed by default when you open the dialog).