When will Dorico approximately be able to playback quartertones?
I bought it when it got released because it was promised that dorico would be able to do so. Now I can’t use it and just wait. How long will it take?

I’m sorry to say that I’m not sure when this will be possible. We don’t yet have the necessary support for VST Note Expression either in the audio engine component or in Dorico itself, and that is a prerequisite for being able to make this work.

Thanks for the answer.
Is it than possible give my license back and get reimbursed. Or at least get the warrantee not to pay for any major updates until the microtonality works properly?
Right now I have absolutely no use for Dorico and still work with Finale and workarounds with Max patches.

I’m afraid that once you have installed and activated the software, no refunds are possible. Hopefully you understand that I cannot promise that all of the functionality that you personally deem necessary can be provided in free updates, and even if I could promise that to you individually, I could not promise it to every user of the software, whose requirements naturally diverge widely from your own specific ones.

If you do want to resell your license to somebody else, you can use the Steinberg Resale Wizard to understand the procedure. Basically you will need to transfer your license onto a USB-eLicenser and then give that to the person to whom you resell your license.

That’s a bit disappointing. Before dorico lauched we had email contact about the microtoality and you said dorico will be able to play microtones correctly. That was the reason i bought it. Now basically paid a lot for nothing. Kind of not fair.

We definitely will add microtonal playback as soon as we are able. I’m very sorry if you felt I gave you misleading information.