I have a Line 6 HD500x, a Roland-GR-55 and a Lighting Rig that I am trying to control with Cubase. I have everything working except . . . .

My issue is it seems that I can either send or receive midi data to / from my HD500X, but not both at the same time. I have successfully setup Cubase to send patch and parameter change data to my HD500, and as soon as I set it up to be a remote device to send a start / stop signal to Cubase, it no longer receives the patch and parameter changes. I undo the Remote Device setup, and the patch changes are working again.

So am I correct in saying that Cubase cannot send and receive to / from one device?


Make sure, you don’t receive data to HD500X from the Remote Device, please. Set the MIDI Out to Not Connected.

What kind of Remote Device do you use? Generic Remote Device, or other one?