mid side acoustic recording

I’ve been meddling with many incarnations of recording acoustic guitar, but I have a conundrum I haven’t been able to figure out regarding M/S recording.

After recording M/S mic configuration, I had my 2 tracks in/out of phase, panned left & right, but when I bring up the ‘mid’ track, it sounded like it boosted one stereo side, namely the side with the ‘in phase’ recording.

Have I just missed something and screwed up this technique? It kinda made sense in my mind, in that the ‘mid’ track essentially doubled up on the ‘in phase’ side, but not the ‘out of phase’ side, a bit like coupling speakers.

But, as I am no pioneer in this field, I’m assuming I missed something somewhere!

Any ideas?

Theres a little more to it than that.

  1. You need to make a copy of your “side” mike and invert the phase
  2. Pan the copied "side"track hard left, pan the original "side track hard right.
  3. (optional) send both “side” tracks to a group track which becomes your combined “side” signal. you can then process ( eq, compress, whatever) the “side” signal easily.

M/S is a lot of fun, you can do some really interesting things with it.

Yeah M/S recording and processing is great fun :smiley:

When you get more familliar with it you can ditch one of the duplicated side channels and use this… http://www.voxengo.com/product/msed/ … nice little freebie!