Mid-system clefs

Mid system clefs.dorico (532.6 KB)

Please see the attached Dorico file. I’ve noticed different symbols are being used for mid-system normal clefs and their variants with the little ‘8’ below. I’m guessing the non-‘8’ clefs are using the ‘Recommended stylistic alternates’ glyphs, but surely the’8’ variants should as well? The alternate glyphs are noticeably bolder, presumably to compensate for their smaller size.

I’m hoping it might be possible to get round this for now via the Music Symbols Editor, but I’m struggling. Under ‘clefs’ I see the small versions of the clefs, but not the small versions with the ottava bassa, so Dorico must be generating these symbols in some other way. Is there anyone cleverer than me who can find a way to generate consistent clef symbols, whether or not they have various appendages such as ottava bassa or alta?

I haven’t checked your file, but I presume you’re using a different font?

For ‘reasons’, Dorico uses the standard ottava clefs from your chosen music font for mid-system clefs, but always uses Bravura’s ‘small clef’ glyphs for the C, F, and G clefs.

To fix it, either switch the small clef glyphs in the Music Symbols editor to those of your chosen music font; or set the Clef size in Engraving Options to 19/25ths, which will cause Dorico to magically use your chosen font.

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Hi Ben. I’m using Bravura and the file I sent has factory settings. I think it’s a fault that there’s this disparity, and I wonder if Daniel might add the necessary glyphs to Bravura. However, your fix of changing the size of mid-system clefs to 19/25 works, presumably because at a ratio greater than 3/4 Dorico simply scales the full-size clefs rather than calls on the reduced-size glyphs, and I think this will do me for now.