Middle button scrolling issue on Mac solved in C8?

Simple question. Has this:


…been solved in Cubase Pro 8?

Of course, this doesn’t address the issue, but have you ever considered getting the Magic Trackpad? Scrolling freely through, well, anything, is just moving two fingers on the Trackpad. After getting the Trackpad my mouse gathers dust. [emoji5]

If I would want to use a trackpad I guess I could use my macbook pro’s built-in one, but I actually do prefer working with the mouse in the same way as I’ve been working in cubase over the past 10 years. I’m oldschool :wink:

Yeah I hear you. Some parts of workflow are changeable and some just aren’t. You shouldn’t have to change anyway. Just thought I’d suggest it, since it was such a game-changer for me.;:

It is working correctly here in C8.