Apparently Yamaha/Steinberg MIDDLE C = C3.

KORG middle C = C4.

Is there a setting in Cubase Pro 8.5 where I can make the Middle C = C4?

My Korg controller pads are all off by one octave display wise because what shows on my Korg as a C4 comes into Cubase as C3.

I would like to be able to set Cubase to act as KORG C4 instead of YAMAHA C3 so that when I press a pad on my Korg that says C4, Cubase also registers the note coming in as C4.

Let’s hear it for’ Transpose’

Midi modifier in the Inspector.

Transpose MIDI modifier in Inspector? As an insert plugin needed on every track? I was looking for a GLOBAL setting for this, one that would not require any sort of inserts or transposing?